About Us

AlBustanji company was founded to produce sweetness and halva in Amman – Jordan in 2014 and is the main activity of the company is to produce high-quality halva and roasted sesame. Since its inception the company has to use the best raw materials in the industry to offer a luxury product for the consumer, it depends on the quality and distinctive taste and the use of traditional methods to preserve the flavor and taste authentic and outstanding, and is considered our production line, which uses the best equipment and modern facilities of the latest production lines in the world where the processing of sesame through the five stages of screening and before the roasted and milled, which ensures high-quality and free of any impurities and high-purity product.

Our vision

We look forward that our product of sweetness and halva “Sheikh Alkar” be the first product in the domestic and foreign markets, and that by offering a high quality product and it based on the latest methods in preparation for using the best raw materials in the world.


The raw sesame seeds that imported from the world’s best fields is the raw material and basic in our traditional industries. sesame are purified and then it sieving through five stages , and that is before roasted to get to the grain of pure high-quality and ready for use in various types of cuisine and desserts, or grinding by Sesame traditional stones to produce net halva with great taste and original flavor. Our product of halva and that is available in local and global markets is free of additives, and that product of halva contains a high-quality sesame 100% only .

We , in Bustnge company for the production of sweetness, do not use any chemical additives or any other adds, and specifically preservatives and bleached in any of our products.

Our company is committed to using high-quality raw materials in addition, our commitment to standards and international standards in the production of food, ranging from traditional means and craftworks subject to the supervision and control, down to the final stages of preparation and packaging of the product.

And to our commitment to provide the best services to our customers at home and abroad, the company has developed a team of highly qualified staff and work experience to provide the highest level of service and the exploitation of time in an orderly and thoughtful and through cooperation with experienced companies and high-capacity distribution covering all levels of the customer and all the different distribution channels.